Monday, June 25, 2012

Susan Daul - Fraktur Artist

Susan is a nationally recognized Fraktur Artist.  Over 20 plus years her artwork has 
taken many forms progressing to Fraktur with it's inspirational verses, charming use of animals and beautiful color combinations such as those painted by the early settlers of
our nation.
Many of Susan's pieces can be personalized to commemorate special life events.
Her website includes an extensive catalog of her work.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Next up:

Chris Noah

Chris Noah is a "Printmaker" . . . an artistic form in which accidents can be
She calls her process "an exercise in controlled risk".

"Many prints are lost in the printmaking process, but when the various elements of this
complicated medium are employed with artistic skill and detailed precision, they
coalesce into a pattern of striking beauty"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another fine exhibitor . . .

"To make pieces that have the same presence as fine originals, it is necessary to do our own
sawing, kiln drying,and lumber handling from the finest logs. Nothing is subcontracted.

From the smallest secondary wood, to the most intricately carved parts, no apprentice or employee
is involved. The techniques Randall uses are the same as those found in the finest urban shops
of Early America.
Hand scraped surfaced, mortise and tenon joints and hand cut dovetails. Each shell, ball and claw foot,
drawer front and finial, every leg and moulding is hand carved, one at a time, in the traditional manner.

Such begins the incredible process by which Randall creates his
fine heirloom furniture.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Donna Weaver

Wax is one of the earliest known mediums for portraiture.  Miniature wax portraits executed in bas-relief were exceedingly popular from the mid 18th century until the introduction and popularization of photography in the 1840’s

Ms. Weaver and her husband revived the art of miniature bas-relief wax portraiture, which was popular in the United States between 1750 and 1840. Named one of Early American Life Magazine's best artisans, her wax portraits have been judged to be of museum quality.  Donna divides her time between sculpting the wax portraits, gallery exhibits, commissioned work and participating in living history events from Virginia to Illinois

Marie Antoinette

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Please join us in Historic Lebanon, Ohio
July 21 & 22

10-5 Saturday
11 -4 Sunday

You will see beautiful & traditional works by artists such as:
Jane Theobold

Nantucket Tradition Basket ~ Jane Theobald

More photos and artists to come!